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Full text of "Bulletin of the IV World Congress of the Communist International #01 Nov 16, 1922"

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N2 1 


16 November 1922. 

First Session- 
opening of the IV Congress of the Communist International in the Navd&hi Dom Petrograd, 

November 5th, 1922. 

The Session Opened 9. P M. 
h airman: Zinoviev, 

Con t e ii t s: 

formal opening — Clara Zetkiii; Election of Presidium: opening speech by Comrade Zinoviev; Teles 
Greeting from Lenin and TroMty. Manifestoes to political prisoners, to Workers and Peasants of Italy, to 
Toilers of Russia* to the Red Ajmy-and Fleet and the Workers of Petrograd, 

• kers: Zctkin, Zinoviev, Felix Kon, Beron, Atzatfo, Katayaitia, K 

113 ; Z e t k i B; Com rades, in the name 
Committee of the Com- 
intern ational I declare tfee Fourth 
Congress of the Communist In- 
-ational open. The Congress is ope- 
ned on the day of the Fifth anni- 
versary of the greatest historic event of 
our time, on the day of the fifth anni- 
versary of the decisive and victorious 
attack of the world proletarian revolution 
which, through the Russian Revolution, 
inflicted the first defeat upon the inter- 
national bourgeoisie. I declare the Fourth 
Congress of the Communist International 
open (applause)* 

"Comrades, at the suggestion of the 
Executive Committee of the Communist 
International I propc rade Zinoviev 

as chairman of the Congress (applause). 
Comrade , Zinoviev will please occupy 
the chair (loud applause), 

Zinoviev: The Congress wUl now 

elect the Presidium. In conformity with 

decision of the Enlarged Plenum of 

Executive Committee and by special 

■eement of all the delegations to the 

World Congress, we propose the following 

list of members of the Presidium: 




Ivatayam a (VJapan). 
Maratinia (Italy). 

kin (Germany), 
Carr (Ameri 

LecMe (England), 

Varski (Poland). 

NouiY (Czechs-Slovak 

Beron and Henriet (France). 
Lenin and Trotsky (Russia). 

I will put this list to the vote. Th< 
against please raise their handi 

The Presidium is elected unani 
The members" of the Presidium are asi 
to occupy their seats, 

Comrades, I have the honour t 
to you the opening speech. Today we 
are in the midst of so many events and 
recollections that it is difficult to decide 
what subject to speak on first. Let us 
examine the situation. The Fourth World 

ogress of the advanced proletarians 
52 countries is taking place in a country 
under the rule of the Russian working 
clafes, in the Soviet Republic, I think, 
comrades, that it would be no exago 
tion on our part that events of eq 
magnitude and historical significance . 
cur only seldom. We should there! 
devote our first words to the memo 
those who have fallen during th 


fty£ years on the battle-fields in order 
that Russia might remain a Soviet lie- 
public, and that the flag of fhe Commu- 
nist Party should not be torn from the 
hands of the advanced proletarian light- 
ers of all countries who still constitute 
in many cases only a heroic minority. 
■ The number of our- fallen comrades is 
enormous. Taking only our own coum 
the number of victims could be counted 
in thousands. 

I happen to see to day an album de- 
nted to one of the detachments which 
fell in the struggle for the defence of 
only one of our Soviet cities, the city of 
IVtrograd. The Album is dedicated to the 
ory of a detachment Schlisselburg 
workers who, in 1919, defended our .Red 
Petrograd. What is Schlisselburg as com- 
pared with the lyhole of Soviet. Russia* 
With the territory of ail those coun- 
tries where our comrades are living- and 
fighting; it is only a small corner, one 
factory town, one large workshop. 
The album is dedicated to only one de- 
uelnm-'nt of a factory group of wor- 
kers who fought around the Avails of 
Petrograd izj 1919, and on its roll of 
honour/are the names of scores of Schl is- 
burg workers who fell arms in hand, 
defending one of the cities of the Soviet 
Republic. Now comrades, think and con- 
side^ how large and incalculable will be 
number of the victims of the prole- 
tarian struggle, if we take into account 
the collective Schlisselburg, the workers 
q! the whole of Russia, and the commn- 
of the entire world. 

A few days ago I came across another 
book.. One of our Moscow comrades has 
attempted to collect the biographies of 
1 be most prominent of our comrades who 
have laid down their lives during the 
ars. The role i.f the names printed 
in small, type occupies an entire book, I 
think the minimum is 320 pages. This list 
comprises the names of only those comrades 
who were known in the Party and the 
g ivernment circles. We know, however, 
ihat in the struggle for the defence of" 
Soviet Power tens of thousands of 
nameless heroes have fallen who remain 
unknown for the record of history. 

For the last years there was not in 
Germany a single town or even a single 
city square not reddened by the blood 
of the; workers who fought for the ban- 

ner of communism. In Hungary during 
the first attempt of the proletarian revo- _ 
lution, thousands and thousands cf our 
brothers fell, while many of them still 
remain behind iron bars* Only two weeks 
ago, on one day 170 communists were 
arrested in Budapest. In neighbouring 
Finland where the workers, attempted to 
mim the banner of revolution, tens of 
thousands of workers lost their lives., and 
thousands of them are still in prison. In 
Roumania the entire Party was made to 
march straight from its Congress Hall 
into, the penitentiary walls, while many 
comrades were shot down on the way. 
In Greece the bourgeois revolution put 
into prison a large group of communists. 
Only part of them "have been liberated 
by' the revolt of soldiers, who disarm e3 
their own bourgeoisie officers, announcing 
the slogan: "Long Live Lenin"! In Ame- 
rica, during these years, hundrends and 
hundreds of the best working c li- 

ters were hunted clown and" put in pri- 
son. At the present time the American 
bourgeoisie does not hesitate to impose 
20 years imprisonment for membership 
of the Communist Party. 

Our comrades in Italy have pa- 

ging a civil war during the last Jew- 
years with varying success. You kn< 
that now, at the moment of our opening 
the Fourth World Congress, the Italian 
working class has been literally turned 
over to destruction and pillage by the 
Fascist bands, whose leaders, by the way, 
were formerly socialists. In conformity' 
with our usual experience in the course 
of the revolution, these socialist renega- 
des have become the most furious and 
ruthless executioners of the vvorking 
class, acting as the agents i bour- 

geoisie and the most brutal oppressp 
of the proletariat. 

Comrades, let us first of all honour 
the memory of our best comrades, of our 
best leaders and brothers who are no 
longer in our midst, of those comrades 
that have peris hed in Soviet Russia and 
throughout the world tor the sake of 
communism. Eternal memory to the first 
lighters of the world proletarian revolu- 
tion! (All rise from their seats; the or- 
chestra plays the "Funeral March"), 

Comrades, five years have elapsed from 
the moment that the workers of this very 
city, where we are now opening the Fourth 


fifteen nvMuhs have ! fcfe 

tte partes o GbMmTOistYntS 

= - AU the efforts of the bourse! 
; 2and2 1 / Inter 
lag the period in &3J£ 

* -Hir rai&s the 

^intern. These LSl 

tbe life of the Comintern 
' been our 

us moments, to indul U- 

offcur strength 


nt mom 



tie in- 




febc Comintern, that as a resultpl 

the derisive voting at Halle, the Right 

Independent having refused, to accept the 

21 conditions and join the Comintern, have 

thereby gone over to the bourgeoisie, and 

consequently there was only one road left 

by them, the road to social democracy — 

to Noske, When we said these words, 

there was tremendous indignation on the 

Right Independent benches. They thought 

this statement as a vicious and unjustified 

prognostication. Now it has become the 

fact, -he prediction of the Comintern has 

I come true: the Right Honourable Indepen- 
dents ai;e now in the ranks of Noske, in 
the ranks of the executioners of the wor- 
king class. An analogous and interesting 
test of the tactics of the Comintern we 
have seen in Italy, in a country which is 
now in a certain sense in the limelight 
of international events. At the time of 
the Livorno split we warned those who 
turned away from the Comintern that 
they had a choice of two roads — either 
they follow the Reformist Second Inter- 
national and consequently they will find 
themselves very soon in the camp of the 
bourgeoisie; or they will confess their 

■ error and will return to the ranks of the 
Communist International. I know how the 
individual leaders of the Italian Socialist 
Party view the lesson of Italy. On the 
other hand I know how the great ■ majo- 
rity of socialist workers in Italy view the 
situation. The latter at their recent Con- 
dition in Rome have admitted their 
mistake and that the Comintern was right. 
They now return to our ranks, and of 

I course, we will receive them like brothers 
Comrades, these two examples (I do not 
wish to enumerate any more), these two 
glaring instances in the international la- 
ir movement have demonstrated quite 
arly to all, the honest and conscious 
proletarians throughout the world, that 
21 conditions fixed by the Second 
Congress are not an invention, nor an 
unnecessary stricture, but the dogma ba- 
sed upon the collective reasoning of the 
national proletariat struggling to 
ins of capitalism: 
of the Communist Interna- 
been tested and found correct, 
:l and clear road, we 
tiler ffolnfr. we know 

rl tli 


iat, and therefore we gi 
with greater or less sacrifices thi 
not entirely on ourselves— in a 
shorter space of time, we will 
International proletariat eomph 
over the bourgeoisie (Applaus 

One of the most important 
evenis has been the amalgamation 
2 and 2 1 /* Internationals. The pr| 
made by the Comintern has com. 
This amalgamation will only be 
advantage of the revolutionary s 
of the workers. The 2 and 2 7* i 
nationals are birds of the same ipSoe 
Both of them are counter-revolut 
organisations. It is to the advan 
the revolutionary proletarians that mc 
should the fewer disguises. \ hap 

It is to our advantage that our J iat 
now be on simple and definite :or 
only two camps, two divisions. 3 0n> 
one" side— the Second Internl vi< 
the Noske International, the ss - 
national of social traitors, the j fd ] 
tional of the criminals against til J u 
ing classes. On the other side our lt +1 
w r ide brotherhood, our companion! *r 
the workers of all countries, Im JfM 
the Communist International. Im W 1 
be shouu ted from the housetops i }™ 
amalgamation of the 2 and 2% I - sn 
tionals signifies among other "tlj B * 
new conspiracy of white terror i t! , 
the workers who are struggling 
freedom. These words of ours 
bably now arouse just as much 
tion in the Social- Democratic 
our statement at Halle in regai 
Livorno situation. 

Nevertheles. we assume ei 
ponsibility for all that w r e say be 
workers of the entire world. 
mation if the 2 and 2 l / 9 intern* 
is nothing but artillery preparatic 
new 7 onslaught of the internaiiond 
geoisie against the revolutionary i -^ 
an onslaught of unprecedented bfl [\ Q( 
The amalgamation of the 2 and 1 i u t 
ternationals paves the way foil }pg 
Galifet', Noske', Mussolini', fl f 
executioners of the, workini 
sense the leaders of the 2 and 21 ^ 
nationals are serving as th 
new scheme by the' Internal 
geoisie. The question of our at 
the amalgamation 

toal prole- ternationals is the question of 

. but or 
matured in all the 
sive importance^ 
ckground for a 
only thing 
is of the world 
Live factor— ade- 
king class 
nsiousness among 
ise tlie part planed 
present mo r 
without exaggeration, thai 
days (nay, 
'in- entire epoch) Is to" 
the main 
International counter-revo- 
tcle in the way of 
lie Internationa] Working 
should be borne in 
Lng upon this road. Our 
ttional menshevism 
n of the 2 end 2 7* 
Is is not a struggle of factions 
movement, as some 
bat the last and 
the International working 
advocate and 
rnational i lism. (Cheers), 

ik that the Fifth Anniversary is 
time to announce this to 
the world, in no uncertain 
i and with all the emphasis at our 

this junci crave your 

personal expla- 

ay special duty to 

Fifth Anniversary of 


v of 

ii stake 


died to 

I counter- 

l think It therefor* 
remind all comrades wh< 

onlj beginning I 
international menshevism, of the lessons 
that wo have learned dm 

dution. We must warn 
tremendous danger lurking in tlie camp 
of menshevism, from the camp of the 
2nd International. We must them 

against under-estimating the treachery 
and perfidy of this enemy and the e 
wrought by the policy of its leaders. Never 
look upon the mensheviks as a Right Wing 
of your own movement. Consider menshe* 
vism as your principal enemy, 
mainstay of the international bom 
at the present moment. Capitalism exists 
now by the exclusive grace of the social 
traitors of the 2nd International, The 
working class is sufficiently numerous 
now, and with one sweep of its arm It 
could sweep away internationalcapitalism, 
if it were not for the social democrats, 
who constantly stay the hand of the pro- 
letariat when it is ready to strike. 

On the fifth anniversary of the October 
Revolution we must say to the inter- 
national proletariat: „The monshevik pro- 
phesied that we would not exist even a 
few weeks. At the same time they pro- 
phesied that the Entente would crush us 
in a few months, that the armed fo. 
of Koitchak and Yudenitch would fii 
us in no time. Later on they 
the famine would crash us, that our 
tire tactics were erroneous. Events have 
now shown that the only fault the mon- 
shevik gentlemen might now find v 
us would be perhaps that we commi 
an error by making our revolution in 
October when the weather is gloomy and 
rains are frequent" (Applause), 
seems to me that the workers of Petro- 
grad have turned out in sufficient num- 
bers to put the "mens to 
shame. Even this argument of menshevism 

i will now say a tew words on 

o\ the new 

\x at the Third ( 



I fpfl vou comrades who have ga- 
i ? l,st ^ Si from all countries ol the 
?ffi£ h ^nvo?vou viewing withnaisgiv- 
SSfcSSS revival of capitalism in 
P g R^ia have told us in perfect 
S ° J rfSh^Yefi we understand that you 
Sfeo'^iledS introduce the - £ 
nofnic policy, because we, JJ*™ 1 ^ 
of other countries, are still too *eafc wj 
Se yet unable to come to your assis- 

?Sfe of course is true, Neverftdesj 
the argument is insufficient. We have 
come to the conclusion, comrades, that 
32 new economic policy is not only the 
result of the fact that the communist of 
Many -capitalist countries are still too 
weak. No, there, is even a greater ^ea- 
scon behind it. We must tell you (man 
Introductory address there is b o room 
an elafeor position on the subject) 

that the new economic policy is a cert 
sis ore through which many county 

even those thai are industrially lo 

feed and possess an overwhelming majo- 
rity of ihe industrial proletariat, will 
have to bass, and which a few exception 
pant s may, evade. The Russian 
Commission will elaborate a complete 
statement on the subject at the Congress. 
We have to tell you. this, because it is 
to be hoped that on the basis of these facts 
o.urth Congress will build its entire 
strategy, the entire plan oi our campaign 
during "the coming year. We think that 
the new economic policy shows not only 
the weakness of communism in some ca~ 
it countries, but demonstrates also 
the ability of the proletariat to take 
stock of its forces as compared with the 
forces of the peasantry and to establish 
a harmonious co-ordination between the 
progressive industrial workers and the 
great majority of the rural population. 

We failed to see this at the start be- 
cause we lacked the proper perspective. 
It is a testimony of the greatness of our 
revolution that it was the first to tackle 
-jestion in a practical manner. The 
w economic policy is not an episode* 
box is it merely the expression oi weak- 
>i our fraternal parties in the pre- 
capitalist countries. No, it is a 
oi tactical wisdom adopted by the 
reat Proletarian Revolution in a 
ith an overwhelming peasant 
It is tin* result o£ the struggle 

of the working class of the hrst 
rious proletarian Republic which i 
took too rapid strides, but whiei 
was compelled to see the necer 
calling a halt, so as not to lose 
with the vast mass of the pe< 
which under certain circumstance 
deciding factor in the outcome of ; 
lution, "and had no other way 
adopt that set of measures which; 
known as the new economic 
licv Comrades, we will have to 
mind all these considerations, j 
our Congress we will discuss t 
rian question and work out a pre 
of action for agricultural count™ 
we shall discuss the programm 
Communist International an 
of ether questions that are on tl 
lay. ! question th? 

he discussed in all its details, 
hope that this will be done. - 
We tell you that as far as 1| 
;oen. the i - - nomic 
will be a passii ge also fc 

Europe and the Balkans, and p< 
a number of other countries 
industrial pr 

In order to neutral p^ 

at feats certain stra; tie p 

you willh ass through a i 

logons to the new economic policy| 
with the modifications arising <f 
crete circumstan Soviet 

proud of being able to render 
to the international proletariat. 
. our revolution have gone b\\ 
now in a nosition to sum 
its results. J May be we will 
moi ail at to morrow's meg 

one thing we would like to | 
now, Five years of unparalleled 
and numberless sacrifices, 
obstacles, famine, unparalleled 
intervention etc., have not 
working class of Russia. The 
of the revolution finds the 
although tired, yet loyal to our 
say this in full consciousae? 
fact that we have no right 
position before the in term 
munist Congress, that we have 
nothing bur the truth, and rail; 
with the same intensity 
during the best days of ( 
upheaval five years ago. V 


seen today in Peti 




the Soviet Republic fa 
*y , J -,i villH"(% at the pithead ol 
h f'y illdU f tr Fvc r^&iV the workers and 
sit iy ,m " , «?s who are entitled, so to 
oo Si toiling mg Respite after these ft* 
N ,eak ' h- terrible struggles; .convinced 
MP** 8 r-.i victory of the Soviet liepub- 

. . ^ <hi> filial W^-V..^ „*• .„.„„■,, rmp nf 

the feelin 

jvery one of 

I 5 ' 'V" S i,iVthe o-reat 'fortune of stragg 

**°&t wit* «*> gr?»* wkn ¥ 
"of Russia, especially^ m such 

]o- t0 


forfa Vo eKn cities as ReclPetro- 
hf n f er if there have been any elements 
e CL the workers who were sublet to 
^ffiSS and doubts, who were still 
•<!dfl5tt we might get defeated, they 

C now free from such doubts. _ Our 
llt *rfv feels as never before that it is on 
1 if rio-ht track, that the working mas 

W] w°itB lead with implicit confidence 

^eCwnummist Party of Russia -pre- 

its" to the Fourth Congress, on the 

'"•\ of the fifth anniversary ■ 

Pitober Revolution, a live and vk. 
Pricing class, welded together and a 
Mjent of its power (Applause), tor thi,s 
1 ^ison we can afford to laugh to 
iaj a f aC e of the shadows 
[ ^ili% mensheviks, the Rus 
l - ai the Second Internation 
a-sewe are on the right track; T 
)f| Q es during these five onerous • ■ 
t os,en the Communist Party and the pro- 
toajariat who followed us were in 
siSnority. There were times when under 
vei pressure of untold sufferings there 

Wis wavering in the ranks of the work- 
soil;' class. It is the proud achievement 
o ) the Russian Communist Party, as a 
ing^aclnnent of the Comintern, that during 
■iybh times of hesitation we never let go 
striour banner. For we knew that across 
usat stormy path, across the terrific 
>l<Xjstacles and sacrifices, we will lead the 
keirking class to complete victory. On 
fth fifth year of the October Revolution 

riii declare: all the difficulties are now 

art Indus. We have led the working 

ops of our country out into the open 

jloujd. Our Party which lias started the 



tories and gained 


adherence of ti 

ober Revolution and passed through 
unusaully trying but glorious and 
d: road, our Party which" is only one 
, ne sections of the Communist Inter- 
luteal, has won the affection of the 
we'kmg class of a great country, has 
sow 1 a bridge into the vast-rural tcrri- 


whole of Soviet Russia. 

Comrades, we can m } uiaL f 

your back you have a party which 
the blackest days will not relmqui 
banner. During the darkest days of tin 
lution it was our greatest pride to kn< 
that we were leading the way to 
organisation of the world proletariat: 
know wery well' that before many ye 
will have elapsed, a number of p 
will overtake us and that a number 
industrial countries; having achieved theu- 
proletarian, will take up a foremosc po- 
sition in the Communist Internatio: 
When this comes to pass we shall, as 
Comrade Lenin has stated- become a 
backward Soviet country among oth^r 
more advanced Soviet countries. -We 
are of this and we waiting 

moment as the greatest triumph ol ti: 
who were the pioneers 
know just as well 

on your patl 
er organised, w 

ie are in si ore for you. Sou 
j swords wi 
que : of the If tat 

Petrograd workers wit 

ii] the factories 
turally in 

■the first i 

volution. However, they realise 
the difficulties on your path, 
a is against all premature 

idly organised risings which mig 
drowned in the workers' blood and 
might crush the most precious p< 
of the prole- the organised prW* 

tariari Communist Party. 

We are following ill the wake 
Paris Commune, but we $r&ni a to 
rious commune. The Comintern will 
allow the bourgeoisie to crush our 
iu is<-late,l collisions and will not- 
our movenumi to be dmwned in the in- 
of the workers. 

In the present year we wttnessumigr;- 
ty movement in the East, am no 

vement has made such big stria 
ward that there is hardly any East* 
country at present where we u 
possess a nucleus however small, 
Communist Party, Our parties in I 
East are not very numerous as 
How e v e r , our " L ab o u r e m anm p . 
group" in Russia in 1883 was aiso fe 



^*ll otoud Its organisation however 

RuliS The era of revolution, the estab- 
Kment or Communist Parties in such 
SSSS as Japan, India, Turkey, Persia 

ud China, which constitute -an inex- 
haustible reserve ot the proletarian social 
reW luti6n— is a historic event. It is a 
sign that even there the most advanced 
labour forces are beaming. organised ana 
will lead the oppressd masses to the vic- 
tory of the international revolution. Du- 
ring this year great nationalist movements 
were initiated among the oppressed peo- 
ples, which are a heavy blow to interna- 
tional capitalism. The risings in India, 
China and Egypt which are growing in 
magnitude, will destroy the bourgeois 
regime, . 

This is on our side. The mole of hist 
is burrowing well. Comrades, if some of 
those who are present here today will be 

till alive in live years time and will ce- 
lebrate the tenth anniversary of the Octo- 
Revolution, they will realise that what 
we have done hitherto is only child's 

We shall witness ' the. world shaking by 
numberless revolts; and tens, nay hund- 
reds of millions of oppressed peoples 
rising against Imperialism. 

Long live the International revolution! 

Long live the Russian proletariat who 
laid the foundation of this revolution, 
who, perishing under the cross fire of 
the enemy, understood that it is fighting 
not only for its own country, but in the 
interests oi the international proletariat! 

The Russion workers are internatio- 
nal in the best sense of the word. 
After the events 'of the last five years. 
the Russian workers, and especially the 
workers of Petrograd, dared not hope for 
a better recompense than that which they 
received to day. How many of you, Petro- 
grad comrades, who were the outposts of 
our detachments; the first lighters for 
m Soviet Power, dreamed' five years 
ago when rifle in hand we began to form 
i he t first weak units of the Red Guards 
and went into the thick of heroic strug- 
gle, that you would live to see the fifth 
" jmversary of the revolution, and that 

TMr ^ \ ff Cdv( ' Witlli,i the ™*ls of 
''Viet, the Fourth Congress of the 

™unist Isternatiojial? However we 

have lived to see that day. We cc 
have received a greater reward. 

The Co will give newsl 

the workers of Petrograd, 
whole of Russia. We shall take in 
the economic construction of am 
Republic, we shall set an example 
roism, not only at the front of W 
War, but also at the front of a r 
construction of the socialist econo 
stem. We shall help our brother* 
ganise themselves and will enable 
to gather strength until they will 
to take the bourgeoisie by the thi 

Down with th< international bof 
sie! (applause). 

There is something else — Do- 
its agent— the Second Intern ation 
live the communists of the worl 
live the millions of workers who 
sing for the new struggle and 
come to Communism! Long live t 
munist International! (all prese 
and sing the ^International"). 

Comrades, in argcement with 

delegates it was resolved not. to tj| 

the speeches, nevertheles wb ar|| 

ced that the members of our ' 

sembly will fully understand ea< 

Comrades, I must read to you 

Lenin's telegram addressed to the* 

World Congress of the Comintei 

the Petrograd Soviet of the Worl 

Peasants' Delegates. I must tell yi 

rades, that Vladimir Hitch was > 

xious to be present here to day; n< 

we were obliged to admit that" 

be advisable to postpone for a liti 

his visit to Petrograd. However, 

is not far distant when we si 

Vladimir Hitch in our ranks, (Af 

in the meanwhile, Ave must resi 

with listening to the following 

Petrograd: Comrade Zin< 

the Fourth World Con; 

Comintern: To the Soviet of 

and Red Army Delegate 

- „ I deeply regret not t< 
to be present at the first 
the Congress, and can o; 
you a written greeting. 

„In spite of the gigantic 
standing in the way of the 
nist Parties, the Comintern 
wing and getting stronger* 
t her to., the chief task 






Hg ] 



te . 


hi ti 






-rinaiOff the majority of the wor- 
ths ^ e sha11 carry out this taS 

Vt all costs. The amalgamation of 
the Wl and 2 1 /., Internationals has 
heneiitted the revolutionary move- 
ment of the proletariat: Less fiction 
and less deceptions are always g >od 
for the working class. 

"My best wishes and warm gree- 
tings 'to the Petrograd workers ^nd 
their new Soviet which, is receiving 
in its city the Fourth Congress of 
the Comintern. The Petrograd wor- 
kers must also be in the foremost 
ranks of the economic front. 
We heard with great joy ot the eco- 
nie revival of Petrograd. I hope to be 
vn '.e to respond very soon to your invi- 
ll! W to visit Petrograd. 

1-The Soviet power in Russia is celebra- 
*&cr its 5-th anniversary. It is more firmly 


n } 

e o 

le ( 


e I 


ablished than ever. The civil war has 

^ fie to an end — and we can already see 

nt'l first signs of the economic revival. 
It is Soviet Russia's greatest pride to 
afadle to help the w r orld proletariat in 

ran . difficult task of overthrowing capita- 
coin. The victory will be ours. 

^.8 Long live the Communist International". 

11 ° V .Ulianov-Lenin. 


\: jiomrades, J think that our reply to 
^ jj: can take the form of a short resolu- 
of the Fourth Congress, of all those 
are present and of all the workers 
3 etrograd. Vladimir Hitch wrote to us: 
ng live the Communist International/' 
reply to this is "Long live the wisest 
best of all leaders, comrade Vladimir 

enin!" (tumultuous applause), 
louts of ..Hurrah: Comrade Lenin, 

f -international" 

be orchestra, 

noviev: Comrades, I must also read 

u the telegram addressed by comrade 

><V to the Petrograd Soviet. (Ap- 

r. .a, X7< . (By Wire), 

ograd Sovje, 

* Comrades, 
^Ineerely regret that pressure of work 
nnection wi th the International 
i jEf** Prevents me from being among 
rad workers during the anni 
e *ebrations as I was five Years aso 







was then played 

Heartily greet. Red Petrograd and the 
Premier Soviet of the Proletarian Dicta- 

5th. November. 1922* 

Exclamations: — Long live the Leader 
of the Red Army! Hurrah! (applause) 

Zinoviev; — Comrades, the Congress de- 
sires to express its approval and convey 
its greetings to the many communist 
comrades and revolutionary workers in 
general, who are confined in the number- 
less jails of Europe and America, Clara 
Zetkin will speak in this connection. 
Clara Zetkin has the floor. 

Clara Zetkin: 

When the revolutionary vanguard- of 
the Comintern assembles in "order to 
review the past and look into the future, 
it always remembers those who have 
fallen in the struggle. 

With pride and sorrow we have just 
honoured our unforgetable dead. 

It is also our duty to remember the 
many thousands of comrades languishing 
in jails because they dared to break the 
chains which bind' the proletariat. 

The prisons of Roumania, Jugo-Slavia 
and Greece are crowded. Everywhere the 
proletariat is tortured; everywhere com- 
munists are persecuted. 

We witness the same in Hungary where 
the White Terror of Horty reigns supreme. 
Turn to Poland:— Comrade Dombal who 
has been elected to the Diet by the small 
peasantry, notwithstanding his inviola- 
bility as the people's representative is 
sentenced to many years of hard labour 
on the basis of old czaristic laws which 
are in direct contradiction to the present 

During the election campaign over 500 
communists were thrown into prison. 

In Galicia and other Polish regions the 
proletariat is shamelessly oppresed by mili- 
tary courts. Political prisoners are punished 
in accordance with military laws. And 
Poland considers herself a Democracy! 

Baltic States:— Numerous victims, from 
the time of the revolution pine in the 
Finnish gaols — brave men and women 
over whom Mannerheim in allianc 
Von Golz in command of the Ger 
mercenary army— obtained a 


N,ver to be forgotten Comrade keng- 
UsXto died in Esthoma a victim to the 
bourgeois thirst for revenge. Prisons are 
fitted; comrades charged witb political 
crimes are subjected to torture. Comrade 
Skla^Sklavin has been sentenced to death 
in Latvia, many other comrades confined 
in prison are awaiting sentence. 

Turn to Germany:— at the head of which 
is a President who still calls himsell a 
Social Democrat. It would be very dif- 
ficult to recall a single principle of the 
old Social Democratic Party, which he 
has not betrayed, which he has not 
trampled upon. Three years have elapsed, 
but m Germany the Bavarian prisons 
and fortresses still contain the revolution- 

ire heard again and again from the'prii 
walis but the leadei : he 2 and 

International remain deaf, and do not 
start a campaign oj pr< hey did 

during the trial of the Sot R< rolutio- 
Mste-the yang f countet-revolution 

in Soviet Russia, Not ail the victims, by- 
far, of the March uprising of the last 
year had been freed. Maxllolz the coura- 
geous revolutionary fighter is still behind 
l&e bars, notwithstanding the fact thatlarge 
proletarian masses demand his release. 
All this occurs regardless of the amnesty 
declared by the Social Democratic coali- 
tion government, Prom ' day to day the 
proletariat is being more cynically mocked 
at. Not so long ago the sta !s*of Berlin 
were streaming with the blood of the 
proletariat who struggled not to attain 
the final goal but to defend the bourgeois 
Republic from the military monarchist 
reaction. All this violence and base acti- 
vity of this counter revolution remains 
unpunished. The Leipzig trial of the 
assasination of Ratenau placed a premium 
upon political assasinations. And the 
Minister of Justice in Germany is a So- 
cial Demokrat! 

The sailor heroes of tire Black Sea 
Sri vvh o refused to fight Soviet Russia, 
the Republic of the revolutionary proleta- 
riat and peasantry are still behind the 

Prniot?P- rs fi st , ony P ris °ns in Prance. 

lo etaruvn blood was .hod during the 
geat Havre strike, so courageously begun 

JS?nrf - at i Sdf Wife*- many revolu 
tionaiy worker, were thrown into prison 

In Italy counter revolution 
tisfied with the destruction by 
cisti of Trade Unions and co-oj 
the shooting of reactionary wor: 
the persecutions of liberals. | 
justice of bourgeoisie haseh 
what Fascism has begun. 

England, a model laud of D< 
pursues a policy of terror tows 
colonies and dominions. Hundi 
Marians are confined in the i 
South Africa— who defended W 
by striking against their exploi 
oppressors^ The English bourgec 
sway over India and Egypt 
suppressing the nationalist rev 
[ighting for the independence 
native land against the'Brifeh 
plunderers. T 

letarian I struggling for 

pation from all slavery inclu 
pressi on of its own bourgeoisie 
x h - the re" 

. . ists are persecuted 

nn r, they are 
all rights, tortured and subjec 

Persec ■ throwing 

of proletarian fighters the tern 
jeois governments, has become 
national mass phenomena, '\ 
ced, not only by 1 hat 

come, imposs or , the 

bear this oppression and exph 
cing them again and again f 
recognition of their personal 
is endorsed by the horrible thii 
venge which has taken hold 
ding classes. The bourgeoisie 
is still strong, but notwithstam 
it feels the foundations of its 
tottering under the invincil 
the revolutionary forces of hist 

And thus the bourgeoisie tri 
then itself by every means 
and deceit—by the lies of 
and the scorpions of glass ,,_ 
still the bourgeosie during li 
historical moment is unable to 
its rule by its own v. Tl 

of capitalist economy' is 
destruction of the hou 
rule of the bourgeoisie i 
The overthrow of the 
ruling class would ha\ 
lished fact if the oppo 


lid ' 



























li ( 










+ , nll « d id not come to her aid. 1 hey 
*o!f , fbuTwnrks for the defence ol the 
uld %, it is thev who hear the re- 
u ^l1tvih full measure, tor the fact 
Tl ou ands and thousands, the flower 
teSSriat languish in prison 3n- 
|f of fighting for the Overthrow ot 

P '1,>.u1ps it is our duty to send Ira- 
J^Sings to all those, whoever 
£ mav be, and in whatever so called 
rherlaiid they have suffered (stormy 
n Vnse) send greetings to all who have 
FTmge and strength to fight, and 

not guilty for not haying 

e extend- them our hearty gr< 
dyo firmly convinced that they, who 
<e sufficient! irageous, to opp< 

entire world of enemies, will | 
icient strength to stand erect and 
the ights ol 

■stv foi revenge. V 

alt not of the humanity b>, 
ts ; of justice • i 
g< whii b the de 

talk about, > ined 

|lusive!y by tin 
ary proletarian mi 
p pressure will break open the 
mr prisons, We express out convici 
t this struggle for the liberation of the 
rtutionary fighters will not only bean 
of solidarity of the part of the prole- 
lat hut that it a debt 

Iters who were left unsuppoi 
the field of battle. We extend our 
•tings to our brothers and j>i who 

held behind iron bars and assure 
i' of our confidence that their deter- 
ttion will not be shaken, thai their 
ight vvill not be binned even if the 
of liberation will arrive only after 
triumphant flag of the revolution, 
the Soviet Star in its centre:, will 
over a number of countries and 
[the entire world. 

EOYiev: Comrades, we shall now 
We text oi an appeal to our impri- 
comrades. The reading of this 
J^ent is entrusted to a comrade who 
f tr J°?i m( T days wel1 acquainted with 

ie fl-vn lr° za ^P rison ^ tluit is > Com - 
m **m Kon. (Applause). Comrade Kon 

G r e e ting s 

t o p r i s o n e r s 

Prisoners of Capitalism! Heroic f< 
freedom of the working class, thro 
into prisons by capitalistic governmei 
The representatives of the revolution 
proletariat of all countries asembled at 
the Hh World Congress of the Commu- 
nist International send you greetii 

Comrades, from year to year the world 
( 'ongresses of revolutionary proletar 
vanguard, pointed out the conquests 
the working class, payed homage to tfe 
working class, payed homage to the victb 
of the struggle, who have [alien at ti 
hands of the executioners and to tlos 

nfined in prisons. Prom the momeut 

ted Front of Capital began ; 
ilanght, its cruelty has m 

in full force. Once again through' 
ihe alist world whe] 


and the 'flower < I 

i n prison^. \ 
White Terror s] 


In , the Fas. . 

fire and world — 1 

e unions ; tfii- 

tion and pan. 
anything eve ing th 

the fii lom ol the - 

king class! 

In France the h >rs who 

refused to go against the Rossi 

rkers and peasants continue to langu 
in prisons and during the Havre sir 
the defenders oi* capitalism once again 
reaped their bloody harvest— the 
of the workers flows along the streets 
Berlin and the workers who fight against 
the monarchist] c reaction are 
thrown into prisons. Those who t« 
parti n Sonet Bavaria, regardless of 
fact that three years have passed since 
its fall are still in prison. Many of 
participators in the March uprising are 
still confined in prison notwithstand 
the fact that an amnesty has been 

In Esthonia after the execution < 
rade Ringisser, the prisons are 
with the representatives of the pi 
In Latvia punishment by hanging: 
introduced again. Comrade Kl 


IS sentenced to death., and the fate of the 

hundreds of arrested workers has not vet 

T> "[n (SoStic Poland fighters for Com- 
inunism are sentenced to hard labor in 
accordance with the laws of Czardom. 

The "Inviolable" deputy Comrade Dom- 
bel has been sentenced to hard labor and 
already serving his term. Electoral 
committees arc being illegally arrested. 
Over 500 men are confined in prison tor 
participating in election committees. The 
frontiers are declared in a state of siege 
arid field-court martials aro being intro- 
duced. Men are being killed in Roumama ' 
under the pretext of "attempting to 
escape " 

During the examination of prisoners, 
torture is being used which calls forth 
protest even from, the bourgeoisie. In 
Yugoslavia arrest and torture proceed 
apace, and the workers are treated with 
contempt. In Hungaria the bloody rule of 
Horty continues its executions and tor- 
tures. In South-Africa the strikers are 
being dealt with rigorously, Democratic 
America, proud of its freedom, metes out 
severe punishment to anyone even sus- 
pected of belonging to the Communist 
Party. The American bourgeoisie raid 
trade unions, make arrests by the hund- 
red, beats up and clubs the strikers. la 
India, Egypt, and in all the colonies the 
slightest expression of dissatisfaction, the 
slightest attempt at, resistance to unre- 
strained exploitation is crushed by mili- 
tary force. Comrades! In all their bloody 
acts social democracy is the handmaid 
of the bourgeoisie. The lies of the Social 
Democrats divert the working classes 
from the struggle, offering liberal reforms 
without revolution. It is they who betray 
the proletariat; they wIig divert the at- 
tention of the masses of one country and 
cover up the cruel acts of the bourgeoisie 
in its treatment of the workers of other 

Comrades! Workers! The Communist 
international has grown accustomed to 
persecution. Each conquest of the Revo- 
lution is dearly bought with the blood 
of the fighters. The stronger the struggle. 
the more victims there will be. People 
perish— tin; idea never perishes. Comrades 
confined in the capitalist prisons —on this 
ay of our groat celebration, on the great 

y OJ the Fifth Anniversary of the Rus- 

sian Revolution, we share wit. 
deep assurance that the hour app 
when the revolutionary prolota: 
free itself from the yoke of 
and the weight of capitalist expl 
break open the prison locks aiL 
honor bring you back into its ranks ^ 
most honorable comrades. j ' 

Away with capitalist execution^/ PD 
to the "struggle for the freedom ( ^" 
working class! ^ s 

Hail "to the struggle for the icejjbe 
our heroic fighters languishing 
capitalist prisons! 

Z i n o vi e v: Comrades! The 
convenes at a moment when the 
Proletariat is undergoing a critic , 
of developement; in the long run |lei 
sure, this will only facilitate the 
of the revolutionary movement, 
country. But at the present t 
condition of the Italian proletariat 
difficult. The Presidium, therefore 
it necessary that the Congress 
beginning of its labours should 
appropriate declaration upon the 
question. Comrade Beron, repress 
of the French delegation will 
the floor to read a declaration. 

Comrade Boron (reads) 'Dear 
Comrades, Workers and Peasants 
On the day of the solemn openi 
Fourth Congress of the Third i 
onal concurrent with the celeb 
the Fifth anniversary of the vie 
the proletarian revolution, the 
nist International . makes its a 
you, realising that the recent 
your country place at the fo 
revolution arena struggle aga 
unbridled sway of reaction which 
running your country. 

Two" years ago the Comintern in 
advised the leaders of the then 
Italian Socialist Party to take the 

















10 1 

sive. The Comintern strongly 
to purge the part of the advantage 
dismay of the bourgeoisie and the l 
the revolutionary sentiment am 
toiling masses after the trials an 
lations of war and the disappoh 
peace,— to deliver a death blow 
antiquated social order, 

BUt the advice of people 
half measures and caution, 
upper hand. They were fright 
dictatoorhip of the proletariat. Th 




«,* deeply rooted popular tradition of 
iroe is democracy and bourgeois law 

d orde 



er what the Comintern predicted, 
to to pass; while the centrists were 
an ^ v negotiating with the Right Wing, 
{n **£ bourgeoisie regained its strength, the 
Won^took the offensive and power 
>ne ^s captured by the bandits who perso- 
1 Giied the most violent class hatred to- 
rds you and your ideals. 
Tie Fascist! became the masters of the 


They have actually, established a Die- 
worship. They trampled under foot all 
le loblance of democracy and of law arid 
leader— those false gods which the weak 
^ ^ders of Italian Socialism worshipped. 
ie gj iron and blood they. are demolishing 
t in ally the remnats of th* workers orga- 
nisations which even before they feroci- 
it illy attacked with the aid of the govern- 
re, flit which now entirely in their hands. 
not despair, brothers of our class! Not 
has not all been lost, but employing 
considered and determined tactics, 
isentltory is sure of attainment, The forces 
;he proletariat in the largest industrial 
es— Turin, Milan, Venice and. Trieste 


e It 1 


Breton unimpaired 


an easily .be 

; f pared to repell the enemy. 

ngu'he Communist Party of Italy was 

'H enough to break on time with the 

filiating elements which under the 

e oimaximalism carried out the tactics 

ndecision and compromise, going so 

as to conclude a year ago a peace 

■cement with the Fascist bandits. Today 

Communist Party firmly holds aloft 

Ked Banner in its hands. The Com- 

m. Party issues a call to all Socia- 

who are in favour of revolutionary 

■on, to the entire working mass and 

M^ peasantry who are 

1^3? h ° rr0r at lhe si §* ht of the 
k eaction spreading like a cyclo&e, 

iltionf CJr GS round the baJlner °' 

lefof^i^™^ 1 ^ 1 ^ that if the 
t a,rZ lU } 10 ?, in Ital y are *<* so 

%"Z J^d the forces of the W 
t ^h weaker than their friends 
»OT claim, because in the camp 





enc&ies there 
**&*}& are first of all 

a tool 


the hands of the agrarians. The in dust 
commercial bourgeoisie observe Avith I 
the experiment in unbridled reaction 
which they designate black Bolshevism. 

On the other hand, in addition to 1 
politically imature elements which a 
actually in the struggle such as the 
reactionary students, demobilised officer 
and ordinary hooligans, the Fascisti coun 
in their ranks certain elements of the 
rural proletariat and a section of the 
peasantry. These elements will soon realise 
by what deceptive promises they were 
carried into the counter revolutionary 
adventure which is converting them into 
an army of the landlords to fight against 
their own brothers. 

Finally, Fascism resignates the poliev 
of International adventures. Grandiloquent,. 
but without a definite programme and 
definite ideals, without a firm and united 
class basis, Fascism is bound to arouse- 
against itself very soon a broad movement- 
even among the urban and rural petty 

^ The entire Comintern is behind you. 
dear Comrades. It is very closely watching 
the unfolding of your strenuous and res- 
ponsible struggR It points out to the 
proletarians of all countries the lesson 
of the Italian events as an illustration 
of the consequences of the terrible tacti- 
cal mistakes of opportunism. It will be 
only too glad to point to the further 
history of your movement as an illustra- 
tion of how such mistakes can be rectified. 
The Communist International stands ready 
te lend its utmost support in your bitter 

Lang live the unity of the workers of 
Italy in the struggle against reaction! 

Long live the persecuted but courageous 
Communist Party of Italy! 

Long live the unity of the world in. 
the struggle with capitalism! (Applause). 
Zinoviev: On the initiative of a 
number of delegations the Congress intends 
to address to the Soviet Republics an 
appeal tivm the Communist international 
on the fifth Anniversary of our revolution 
The representative of the Italian delega- 
tion will speak on this question antf in 
his person we shall express our solidarity 
with the rtalian workers. Comrade Uza- 
rio member of the Italian Delegation 

?; I 01 , 1 * 1 ' and railway #0^ 
will take the floor. 

J 4 


Atzario: Comrades, m your Struggle 
von need our assistance and support, but 
it is possible that in the decisive moment 
of our future struggle, we shall need to 
a still greater extent, the support of the 
proletarian state in' the world. Protect 
with all your might our common conqu- 
est,— Ours and your Soviet power! 

Hold firmly that section of the world 
proletarian front where for five years 
through the capitalist trenches 
and conquered the territory for the erec- 
tion 01 the foundation of our proletarian 
Fatherland. This Fatherland as a result 
of our common victory Will embrace the 
entire world. 

Long live the great October Revolution 
and its heroes! 

men anil peasants have laid dowi 
lives for the cause of Communis 
period of years the working eh 
live in conditions of the greatest 
ing and want, but .hearing evei-i 
night the cries of their hungry ! 
the working class did not Iowf* 
banner, and led by its un,beu|| 
guard— the Russian Communist 
valiantly, with a firm s1 

th i 

Long live 

Long live 
the Soviet pow< 

Death to 
stay— th- 
and Reformists! 

Long live tin 

Long live the 
Republic! (Appk 

Comrades A-tzi 


Russian working 
:: Petrograd the 



. _,.u its mam- 
I )emocrats 

• n-xo- 

V I 



To all tin To i I el I Russia 

The Fourth World Cong ; the 

mist International meeting in 
t session in Petrograd, the city where 
the world prole 
inning and 



meat was 
tings and 

irian rev 
where the 
born, sends its 
and Red Army 

ilution had its 
Soviet Govern - 
warmest gree- 
to the 
men oj 


Russia who are celebrating the 5th anni- 
ary of the great Now Revolution. 

Comrades, five years ago, by your he- 
roic assault upon the fortress of the old 
world, you have overthrown the rule of 
landlords and of the capitalist class in 
• country, you have conquered and 
torn out of the hands of capital the 6th 
part of the globe, you have defended in 
conditions of a most severe civil war, 
against world capitalism, the land of the 
Soviet Republic, this heritage of the en- 
tire world proletariat, and now 





through the most difficult part 

Kneeling together with you b$ 
inumerable graves of proletaria 
Red Army men who had faiiei 

common cause upon the vast 
Soviet Russia, the 4th Congress 
by delegates, most of whom att« 
previous congresses, ackaowled? 
great joy that already at t£e tii 
5th anniversary of the Novenih-i 
lution, and when only one year 
ful reconstruction had passed, 8c 
sia is rapidly healing the wonf 
her in the struggle. Th* 
and agriculture of the country 
noticeably re-established, the. 
conditions of the working class 
is i 

'-ants ( 
and at 



of the 
•owing u$ 









•king class is 
ering science and technical 
he forces of the workers I 
1 the Red Army are inci 
the same time the worki 
of Russia holds fast in their 
power of Government. 
The 4th Congress assembless <M\ 
it a time when the dark 
of 'capitalist reaction are gather! 
the workers of the world: eve 
capitalism is fighting against all ei 
achievements of the working ( 
where wages are being deci 
eight hour day is given up, and Vv 
of the trade unions arc curtailed 

Reaction is growing ah 
cal field. In Italy the power of 
merit is seized by the criminal 
the robber bands of Fascist!, t 
reserves of the capitalist 
struggle for its existence. In Germ 
monarchist forces are being organ 
prepared for attack. In England 

you have 

the opportunity to advance every day Government of Lloyd George was 

along the path of peaceful socialist re- be too Liberal and was replaced 

construction period. ol Conservatives. The contract 

This victory was not secured by you classes are becoming mor< 

; hundreds of thousands of working everything points to the f 







;„iv, n tansle leading to the 
m D L™fe mortal battle between the 

' le, ' a ',' 1 -i-n-l-or the Digit is becoming 
KrSjffito W& are shining 

St North the stars of your an 

KftarU Dictatorship, whet- th 

f,m!.'d by the, hammer and tb 



naer and the 

of the Red 

Jailed bj 
: p under the protection 
^r e of ie Kod Amy. The mure mnb^ 
e the condition is becoming ol Uu- 
I,!,, other countries under the heel 
Mtital growing more and more in- 
i wth all the more hop, the working 
' of the entire world is looking in 
direction of that part of tie 
mi. , P now already for 5 years exists^ 
?es bankable Government oi work-cation- 
hands. Comrades! you in your hard 
le need our help and support, out 
W m even still greater dv^ve^ 
we need, the help of the first 
•Id Proletarian Government at the 
sive moment in our struggle against 
tab Do, all therefore, to we our 

-your and our Proleta- 
re id from, where 5 years ago you had 
you:eri through the capitalist trenches and 
. j conquered their territory for the 
I ling of the foundation of our Prole- 
and oi Fatherland', This Fatherland as 
icre H of on j* common victory, -will spread 
ing * the entire wield! 
mndong live ihe great November lievolu- 

and its heroes! 
onfng live 1 1 u - Russian working class! 
rk|ng livi the Proletarian Petrograd, 
, birthplace of Soviet Government! 
i ath to World Capitalism and its main 
ok Ui> treacherous Social Derno- 

nd Reforitris 
ng live tlj.e World Proletarian Reve- 

m Live the world Socialist Federative 
H Republic! 

novii'v: in compliance with the 
of: a number of Delegations the 
resolvecj to issue a special 
-s ^ t0 tlu> Red Army. It is ol historic 
n xi& ll{:,)V ''/ tliat the Presidium has chosen 
ulise irade Katayama, the most venerable 
'die Japanese workers to speak 
is question. Comrade Katayma is 
the floor. 

1 : >.v a naa: Comrades! 
pride and gratitude 
K) address you 


[ Go 


it is with 

that 1 take 

and lo ex- 

press my heartiest greetings to the Red 
Army and Fleet of Soviet Russia. 
reioice in the success of the Russian Re- 
volution. "We kno-w what hardships boviet 
Russia had to go through and how she 
forced to fight both on the internal 
and external fronts. We know that capi- 
talism attempted to crush the Russian 
Revolution, but we also know that the 
Red Army and Fleet defended and main- 
tained the Russian Revolution. To-day we 
are glad to extend our congratulations to 
Soviet Russia which stood in the struggle 
against World Imperialism and Capi- 
talism. -, , . , 

On the Mon of the Filth Anniver- 

sary of the Russian Revolution we express 
our gratitude to the Russian Red Army 
nmn .and sailors who have not only 
upheld their own revolution but tfave by 
their- example instilled new courage into 
the hearts of the working class of other 
countries, The proletariat of the entire 
world is basing its hopes upon the Red 


Comrades! for us and for the prole- 
tariat oi the entire world it is of the ut- 
most value that we congregate here for 
the fourth time to direct the course 
the world socialist revolution. We are 

sry glad and proud, realising that we 
are here in the workers' republic in per- 
fect security and that we are defend 
by the Red Army that conquered freedom 
for the Russian nation. 

At this moment we attach especially 
great hopes to the Red Army and Fleet, 
realising' tiuu they are destined to play 
a great role in the future. They dej 
and upheld the Russian revolution, diey 
fought for themselves and for their corib- 
radeSj — workers and peasants, but arc 
still to perform a greater role Ua the 
organisation and the achievement of the 
revolution in other countries. It is nor 
sufficient to achieve a p-volulion in 
Russia, td make the revolution victorious 
in Russia, the revolution should be victo- 
rious the world over. 

Oompades, Ave rest our hopes in 
the Red Army and Fleet and urge theni 
to prepare for the coming si niggle for 
the achievement of the world revolution. 
You should organise and defend the 
Comintern in the future as valiantly as 
you did in the past. It should be acknow- 
ledged that heretofore we worked insuf- 



ficiently in other countries, but in the 
future the Red Army of Soviet Russia 
should be converted into an International 
proletarian army. It should fight not 
only for the Soviet Republic, but also 
for the World Revolution. The Commu- 
nist International is preparing to fight 
for the World Revolution and our struggle 
must become international. 

We call for unity in order to give to 
the struggle an international character 
which is conveyed by the very name of 
the Communist"lnternational. Now, I shall 
read the resolution as adopted by the 
Comintern: (reads). 

To the army and fleet of the 
. Russian Socialist Federa- 
tive Soviet Republic. 

From the Fourth Congress of the 
Communist I n t e r n a t i o n a 1. 

M The Fourth World Congress of the 

Communist International extends its 

yarm-est .greetings and heartfelt gratitude 

to the heroic fighters of the Red Army 

and Fleet. Soviet Russia is the only place 

on earth where the representatives of 

. the Revolutionary workers of the world 

are able withoul in nee to work 

for the organisation of the struggle for 

the liberation of toiling humanity from 

the yoke of capitalism. Only due to the 

victories of the Red Army and to its 

powerful defence the delegates of the 

working class have the opportunity to 

assemble for a fourth time at the 

World Congress. 

Red Warriors of the Army and Fleet! 
You should realise that the revolutionary 
workers of all countries share with you 
the joys of your triumphs and with deep 
pain share with you the bitterness of 
defeat. In all countries the class consci- 
ous workers realise that you were con- 
ducting a struggle not only for your own 
freedom but also for the common cause 
of the workers of the world. At former 
congresses also we unanimously hailed 
you as the warriors of the Communist 
international and the heroes of the struggle 
for all humanity. 

Comrades! Warriors of the Red Army 
and Fleet! during the past years of the 
struggle the revolutionary workers of 
the world were unfortunately too weak 

to rush to your assistance 
conflict. For this reason it 
cult for you to conduct your 
8 gainst the united of ^ 
talism. But the Communist 
countries did not lose a singh 
worked incessantly for the eirffi 
and unification of the ma 
preparation for the ' overthrow, 
talism. The present Fourth Conj 
also devote its entire time to 
most task of the world proleti^ 
Congratulating you, heroic w? 
the Red Army and Fleet, on 
liant victory in the Far East, t] 
Congress of the Communist Int 
warns you that the time for 
disarmament, the time for the 
of wars has not yet come. As 
the majority of countries po 1 
by capitalists, who use their 
their piratic purposes, cond< 
death millions of workers in 
of the interest of capital so 
war continue and all nations, tl 
of the Soviet Republics incli 
remain under the constant tl 
horrors of war. 

Be on guard, heroes of the 
and Fleet, the danger has n 
The Fourth Congress with 
greets the efforts of the Soviet 
to fortify the power of the 
and to bring it into readiness 
of the revolution! 

Long live the Red Army an 

Z i n v i e v : Comrade Cla 
the well known militarist, 
us on this question. (Laught 

Clara Zetkin (in Russi 
rades, Long live the Red 
Fleet! (Applause). 

Zinoviev: Comrades, the 
will do great honour to the 
workers by addressing special 
to our city in the name of the 
International. Comrade KolaMJ 
leader of the Balkan Communis 
tion, will now speak. 

Kolaroff: (reads) "To the 
men and women, and to the 
men of Red Petrograd. 

On the solemn occasion of J 
versary of the October Revol| 
Fourth Congress of the Com 


^'.'c(.i)i- to the heroiG 

.:-! |V(;vgr;uL *■ 

u>ns action m the Pefbru- 
lays in 19 IT, the working 
nen 61 Petrograd, supported 

>l the garrison threw 

(ho blood-stained pedestal the 

urtsm, and in the form of the 

Workers and Soldiers' Deputies 

gj the foundation of the organisation 

j n( Hi very soon to complete the triumph 

revolution and open a new era of 

instruction ol the Proletarian State. 

i n the memorable days ol' October 1917, 

Petrograd proletariat advanced to a 

,int from which a new era in human 

history was to proceed. 

ollowing on the footsteps of the ini- 
Imortal Paris Commune, of 1871, the Pet- 
»o-rad workers overthrew the power of 
~ bourgeoisie and established the dieta- 
irship of the proletariat and thus ushered 
lin the era of the social revolution not 
lonly in Russia but the world over. 

lii the internal and external Avar which 
[commenced from this moment and lasted 
for many years the Petrograd proletariat 
»od continuously in the front ranks, 
lending' its sons to all fronts and contri- 
buting incalculable sacrifices in toil ai 

Its example fired the hearts of the 
>road working masses of Russia with 
miliusiasm and to-day, after five years 
ihe Russian working class is able to 
congratulate itself on the attainment of 
complete victory on all internal and 
eternal fronts. 

the present time, during the trail - 

n to peace construction, the indetati- 

Petrograd proletariat continues to 

one of the foremost places at the 

our, by its' efforts Petrograd 

wounds and is once more 

Jd into an industrial proleta- 

. Red Petrograd are v;\^ 
Workers and Pea- 

sants' KVpublie but also 
entire world proletariat 
has become the backbone ol 
tional movement, its bulwa 

If the Russian [Revolution ha 
the spirit of all countries by 
powerful impetus b 
struggle for the social rfcvolu 
largely due to the services of Red 
grad. Its (Sample of inexhaustible he 
roism inspires the worker 
tries to an untiring struggle foi 
plete liberation and for the establish!*) 
of the world Socialist Kederatiod 
viet Republics. 

Hence the world proletariat considers 
Red Petrograd as one of its chief 
ses, and the hearts of the worl 
countries are throbbing 1 with 
sympathy for the working masses oi 
Northern Commune. 

Hence it is that on the Fifth Anniver- 
sary of the glorious October Revohunni 
and on the day of the solemn openinj 
the Fourth Congress of th Commn 
international the" first thought of the 
legates of this world congress 
workers, turns to Red Petrograd in wl 
hospitable walls we celebrate this world 
proletarian festival. 

Undying glory to the heroic prol< 
of Redi Petrograd! 

Long -live the Petrograd worke 
pioneers of the Social Revolution and 
paragon of the World Proletariat!''* 

K o 1 a r o f f : ( Pro ce e din g) Work i. \ . 
and women. You who first raised the 
banner of revolution, hold it firmly in y 
iiands! The hour is nigh when th 
will wave triumphantly in every lac 

Z i n o v i e v: The first session 
Fourth World Congre 
International is at an i^nd. 

I declare the session closed, i prop 

Ave sing the International 
proletariat (the audience sings th